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Nagasawa Special

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Klein. Honeycomb. Pedal-Shoe.

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klein designs shoe pedal bee hive concept (2)

While flat pedals seem to be making a resurgence, we also seem to be in renaissance of sorts of the flat pedal itself. First it was magnets, then float, and now a special shoe/pedal interface the promises more connection to the bike than your average flat pedal without ever clipping in.

Currently without a name, the concept comes to us by way of Klein Designs. As a former motocross rider, Maxwell Klein was looking for a better option when it came to pedals for his mountain bike. Wanting more control without having to clip in, the honeycomb concept was born and is currently seeking funding…

klein designs shoe pedal bee hive concept (3)

The concept is pretty simple, rather than relying on traction pins or sticky soles, the shoes use a honeycomb pattern with the opposite pattern made into a pedal. Since the entire sole uses the same honeycomb, riders can “clip in” anywhere and can make small adjustments by slightly repositioning their foot. After a number of 3-D printed prototypes, the concept has been tested and proven using hand carved soles and CNC machined pedals.

klein designs kickstarter

Unlike typical flat pedals, the honeycomb concept would require specific shoes to get the most benefit out of the pedals. Though you could certainly still pedal with any other shoe since it is technically still a flat. Additional benefits include the lack of sharp traction pins to potentially cut your shins, and a more walkable sole then the average clipless pedal.

Currently seeking funding through a Kickstarter project, shoe and pedal combinations start at $199.

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