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Olmo Super Gentlemen

Eine sehr schöne Idee, einen älteren Stahlrahmen aus den Siebzigern/Achtzigern mit modernen aber auch mit traditionellen Komponenten (Lenkerband) wieder aufzubauen.

via Fyxo (Cycling Tips)


Wow. Diese perfekte Wicklung und Farbabstimmung des Lenkerbandes.

FYX_2091 FYX_2101 FYX_2109 FYX_2122 FYX_2133

K loves radeln

via Klovesradeln

Das Aufbauen von Rädern für Frauen heute ist die logische Konsequenz des Aufnehmens von Tapes in den Siebzigern/Achtzigern.

DSCN1649-1024x768 DSCN2661-1024x768 DSCN2666x-682x1024

Colnago Gold Master

Letztens hat jemand im Rennrad News Forum einen Aufbau von mir als „typischer Tryhard“ bezeichnet. Hier wäre mein Beispiel für einen typischen Tryhard.

via Cycle EXIF

colnagold-2-1 colnagold-2-4 colnagold-2-11 colnagold-2-17 colnagold-2-18

Cannondale Track

via A.Danger

19844991954_798f57d815_k 20280965179_884e1d00bd_k 20441401826_1b2317849a_k

Stelbel Ortica

via Cycle EXIF


Pulverbeschichtung statt Lackierung?

stelbel-rhc-1 stelbel-rhc-2 stelbel-rhc-3 stelbel-rhc-5

Stelbel SB/03

via Cycle EXIF

Stelbel-sb03-disc- Stelbel-sb03-disc-1 Stelbel-sb03-disc-10

Cannondale Slate

Nicht unbedingt jedermann’s Baby, aber als Idee interessant. Wir so das Rennrad der Zukunft aussehen? Nein.


 Horse Cycle

via Horse

Surf Side Car by Horse Cycles, Brooklyn, NY from Horse Cycles on Vimeo.

Surf-Bike---Headon Surf-Bike---Headon1 Surf-Bike---Headon2

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Seit langer Zeit einmal wieder ein schönes Olmo Bike via ItStartedWithAFight and


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God save the Bahnrad

via Trackosaurus

Ups. Räder restaurieren ist nicht einfach.

De Rosa Pista von 1975 … was für ein Traum

Nichts zu tun? Langweilig? Drei Stunden Zeit? Bitte bei Bike Showcase reinsehen. Keine Zeit? Im Stress? Nicht reinsehen, sonst wird alles nur noch viel, viel schlimmer.


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Ent-NOSsen oder nicht entnossen?

... das ist hier die Frage. Ob edler im Gemüt usw.

Ich bin relativ günstig an diesen Satz Gipiemme Sprint Naben aus den Achtzigern gekommen, niemals benutzt noch in Originalverpackung. Also das, was man gemein als NOS OVP bezeichnet. Und nachdem ich diese nun habe, stehe ich vor der Frage, ob ich die wirklich benutzen soll, um für mein blaues Olmo einen neuen und schöneren Laufradsatz aufzubauen, oder ob diese erst einmal in der Wunderkiste verschwinden und jahrzehnte später meine Kinder oder Enkel reich und berühmt machen werden.




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Olmo from the Ice

Despite the fact that I was raised in the sixties and seventies, my parents didn’t own a television set for quite a while. I was forced to go to my grandparents who were living next door when I liked to watch TV. 

From this angle the bike almost looks like a stealth fighter plane.

My favourite programs as a kid were „Krempoli„, „“Stanley Beamish, „Mini-Max“ and the Augsburger Puppenkiste, a marionette theater that would make any kid of today asleep within 10 seconds. Michael Ende, Ottfried Preussler and Max Kruse all wrote famous pieces for the programm and one I remember in particular were the stories about Urmel. And the charcter I liked most was the sea elephant. One day, when I retire, I want to become like the sea elephant from Urmel

So this is perhaps why the name OLMO, which is or was one of the famous Italian steel frame builders of the sixties, seventies and eighties, is high in my personal list. When I started to become interested in old steel bikes a long time ago (autumn 2010, to be precise), the first bike I fell in love with was the Moser Leader AX evolution This is a nice frame but it very hard to get them in large sizes and . now it is somewhat too modern for me with TIG welded joints and unifork. The second bike I fell in love with was an Olmo. I now own too Olmo frames (I have sold the Faggin and the Peugeot in the meantime to finance them). and the blue one from the Nineties will become my commuting bike and the white „Olmo from the Ice“ will become the showpiece. 

Still a lot of choices to be made, but here are some photos showing the actual status after working on the bike today. The frame was rusty and in poor conditions when I got it first from Vienna. It was grit-blasted and painted and I bought a set of new decals. Almost every component has a special story. Note the leather grips on the track handle bar, the Shimano 600 AX aero brakes and the Arabesque shifters.

There’s so much to write – but another time when the bike is ready. Enjoy the photos.

Campagnolo Super Record Brake Lever with Olmo Pantographs plus leather grips.
Shimano 600AX front brake – Eighties arero craze porn
The cockpit: Olmo stem with Italian flag
Pantographed fork and Arabesque shifters
Gran Compe Saddle


Front view on pave
Rear view on pave

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Mob’s big box of small wonders

I have started to buy, repair, restore and sell old bicycles just a few month ago, mainly as a hobby to spend the long cold winter days in Bremen doing something meaningful. But even in a few months quite an assortment of interesting bike parts has gathered.

Shimano’s Golden Arrow series, the predecessor from the Eighties of today’s 105 series is one of my favourites. So is the Shimano 600 Arabesque series, which is slightly older and influenced by arabic design elements, something not that much in vogue today. Generally I prefer Shimano over Camapgnolo: Less model changes, cheaper and easier to get and better functionality. „Cheap“ is important, as I repair the components and assemble them on my frames, making a lot of mistakes. So if something goes wrong, I don’t loose a lot of money on the spot. Today, for example, I learned that a 1“ cone for a headset that is mounted directly on the fork can be different depending on the type of fork. There goes another headset.

I bought also some components from lesser know brands. My Lyotard pedals are a good example, my Maillard and Normandy high flange hubs, a Modolo Stem (with the Mosburger Logo) and a very nice ITM stem.

Before I repair, adjust and clean all of this stuff, I keep it in a box which is the big box of small wonders.

Now one of my recent purchases has been a complete set of Shimano 600 AX components.
Shimano launched the 600AX group in 1981 in response to the aerodynamic craze in cycling. In many respects I feel it is the equivalent to the Japanese bubble economy era: Bold, gaudy, baroque in design, expensive looking and not really useful. Take a look at the bottle cage for example: This one is designed for a special aerodynamic bottle that is much higher than wide (not a circular section) so that it offers less wind resistance.

(By the way, if you own such a bottle, please let me know).

Nice. But basically useless. And of course Shimano wasn’t able to set a new standard. The same is true for the crank set. Shimano tried to set a new standard for a new, bigger pedal thread. They failed to convince the world. Today it is extremely difficult to find matching pedals.

In theory this would allow me to completely retrofit a frame with Shimano 600 AX with the exception of head set, bottom bracket and chain, as there were no 600AX parts developed in their cases. Theoretically, as some of the components are in bad shape (rubber hoods of the shifters for example) or not that practical. Take for example the brakes. These are probably one of the most beautiful bicycle brakes ever designed. Some people say this about the Campagnolo Delta brakes but I would disagree, they look comparatively bulky.

Both, Shimano AX and Campa Delta brakes have two things in common: They are incredibly difficult to mount and to adjust and, even worse, they tend not to brake too much.

Here are some more nice components. Some of them I will use to built up two Olmo frames I have purchased recently. These are replacements for the Moser Leader AX evolution frame I wanted to work on some month ago but that turned out to be too small for me. Yes, Olmo is the brand of choice for the time being.

But today the weather is beautiful an daylight until 9 PM allows me to go riding after work and early dinner.

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Bremen – Berlin – Axis

I visited Berlin with my family last weekend. The purpose was not to ride the bike, but to watch a figure skating competition in which my daughter started.

On Sunday we went to visit Checkpoint Charlie and met Marek, who rode with Positivo in Tokyo some years ago. He now owns a very nice Olmo fixie and runs his own language school Cafe Lingo in Berlin. What I admire is his persistence to travel the world an visit many countries. So I asked him what would be his favourite countries for cycling. Answer: Japan and New Zealand. We both complained about the lack of mountains in Berlin and Bremen and decided to go cycling close to his hometown in the „Harz“ in spring. The highest mountain there, the „Brocken“ has an altitude of 1.141 m.

We went to the German Currwurst Museum after we have met Marek. The Currywurst is very special German food, invented by Hertha Heuser in post WW2 Berlin.

Much to my surprise, a map in the museum showed the places where Currywurst is served in foreign countries. Bernds Bar in Roppongi was presented as well as the lunchbox  Zeitgeist which is located just around the corner from the Positivo Espresso European HQ building.

I registed for the Velothon race in Berlin (120 km) in may as well.

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