Since some time I have a blog on my own where I post photos and stories. However I found that I have two completely different group of people reading my blog [if it is read at all]. One group consists of my family, my relatives and my friends and they are mainly interested in the stories about my family and in particular about our kids. The other group are bike riders from the area, as I write a lot about the rides I do on the weekends and the races I attend.

After all I came to the conclusion that it might be better to divide this blogs into two. And give the other riders also the possibility to add blogs, posts photos etc. on this blog.

So this is the start.

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  1. mob

    Super blog ! Really otstanding work

  2. TOM

    Your passport to the greatest humor-loving cycling club! Excellent platform for sharing race and other general cycling information, honing downhill (and uphill HC) skills and gaining invaluable insights into the environmental, regulatory and social changes reshaping the expatriate and other gaijin cyclists scene of this country. Phew!

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