The Positivo Espresso Jersey Design Contest + Entry No. 2 +

I found it hard to accept a jersey in white [thinking of our poor wifes who must wash them] and without any orange and grey, my favourite color combination and the basic design concept of my new bike.

Please note the fine details which you might only see in the full view, including the two German flags. Everybody who orders one jersey of the first batch should have his flag included. We might want to edit the flags a little bit although due to the origin of our members:, East-Belgium, East-France and East-Australia comes immediately to my mind.. I have the „East design“ of the German Flag ready, so we can easily edit all other flags. I would refrain however to replace every star of the American flag with hammer and compass.

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2 Antworten zu “The Positivo Espresso Jersey Design Contest + Entry No. 2 +

  1. TOM

    Bravo Michael….you’re a genius! Can we add a Flemish lion (black clawing lion on yellow background) as well? I can already see how this grey coloring will be the perfect match to your GUN METALLIC CERVELO SOLOIST TEAM! Should match my bare titanium as well…Anxious to see more entries! Personally I already prefer yours over mine.

  2. great idea incorporating the flags – incl. one that ceased to exist. Using different coulours for the rim/collar works really well. However, I am not in favour of the colour combination – but I guess that will be the number one issue in the end … so Id say as long as its not pink or magenta (!) its all good.

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