Before Positivo Espresso Had Team Jerseys

A Classic Tradition, Since 2006

It is difficult to remember, it seems so long ago, but there was once a time when Positivo Espresso had no team jerseys. Ever resourceful, they would improvise — this photo shows three domestiques of „the Express“ of the classic era forming the German flag from their collective colors, just before lining up at the start of a TTT on their 2006 Asia tour, at Saiko in the Nakano Koji Memorial Japan Cup Series. The team leader warms his hands in the background.

Many questions remain:
Why is it called the „Nakano Koji Memorial“ race when Mr. Nakano is still alive and gives out the trophies every year?
Is that little girl in the background looking at the flag-shaped phalanx of giant riders, or at the team ace relaxing as he visualizes his acceleration toward an explosive finish?
Why does Assos still use models in their „luxury body“ ads when they could use real riders in real situations like this?

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