Tagesarchiv: 6. Juni 2008

Saturday June 7th Ride

Weather looks excellent on Saturday (27-19 degress, 0% rain) and David as well as me would be available for a short/mid range trip. which lasts until perhaps 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

How about the following:

7:30 David House
8.20 Sekido Bashi (if Tom comes)
Tamagawa -> Asagawa -> Takao -> Wada -> back to route 20 -> reverse Otarumi -> and back

Should be app. 120 – 130 km from Davids house maximum, we could be back by 2 easily.
And add some more results for our „togebaka“ chart.

I hope Juliane is OK after going up like Pantani, then making the Australian Track Salto and finally resorting to a pure Millar.

I have JCRC race on Sunday as well, so I don’t want to go out for too long and a too exhausting ride. Wada is just fine. Soccer EM is also due to start tomorrow.

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