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My new idol Robert Foerstemann

I thought my bike race idol would be Wim Vansevenant, as he has managed to finish in last place in the Tour de France at least as often as I have ended up in the last place during JCRC races this season. I was wrong, I have to admit.

My new bike race idol, discovered at the Beijing Olympics this year is Robert Foerstemann. He is perhaps the only guy who looks even more bulky and out of place on a bike than I do. With a body weight of 90 kg and being 1.74 m tall, I almost feel a slight chance to beat him at the Tokyo hill climb.
Please also note the very creative name of his home team : XXL Erdgas.
And finally, for the Germans among us, he has a very creative theme for his life as well:„Jedenfalls ist es besser ein eckiges ETWAS zu sein als ein rundes NICHTS!“ (Friedrich Hebbel)

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Positivo Espresso Club Rider Voluntary Recall

All bicycles on alert

The Positivo Espresso safety committee has identified a potential safety issue involving one of its riders, David L. If ridden by David L. and under certain conditions, bicycles, frames and components can crack, disintegrate or simply disappear in small white clouds, which may cause the bicycle or its components to end up in the trash can, completely loosing any previous affection by its owner.

According to his own statement, he „managed to break — various ti [titanium] and steel frames, seatpost collars, wheel rims, etc.“.

To date there have been some reports of bike-injuries in the field, resulting in major damage to the used bicycle. Though David L. completed visa procedure when entering Japan and properly obtained his alien registration card, this issue was not uncovered during these standard procedures and the damage on bike components only showed up in the field.

The Japanese government feels that David L. meets the immigration standard, that it is therefore acceptable to let him ride bikes and that no further action is required. Positivo Espresso does not share this opinion and therefore, is proceeding with a rider recall of David L.

However, please note that this does not affect riders named David in general, such as David J., David M., David D. or David N. in any way, as all of them have a completely different structural body design.

For some reasons, defying logical explanations, David L. is not able to break or destruct bicycles components which are already on product recall by the manufacturer, such as Cervelo SL forks or Look Keo pedals.


The recalled rider normally wears a Positivo Espresso team jersey, sometimes also an ASSOS Kachastan national jersey. Bicycles should be alert if they here the sound of a bell accompanied by a male voice shouting „torimaaaaaaaaaaaass“.

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