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Google Streetview

Pretty amazing, Google streetview had made in to Japan. The previous link connects to the help page, where one can get acquainted with the basic functionality of the software.

Now we can find out, if small white lines on a map are asphalt roads or dirt tracks and we do not need to rely on the self-confidence of Juliane alone.

Let’s see, here are some cycling highlights from our weekly tours and long tradition. It is easy to copy and paste links on a blog page. See here:

One of our Positivo members used to live here.
Our bakery in Ome.
Approach to Okutamako.
A common target.

It is also possible to paste photos onto blog sites. Let’s see if Tom is already waiting at Sekidobashi.


I read about Google street view perhaps one or two years ago and found it rather uninteresting. I have to change my mind. I am feeling like Alexander Bell, inventor of the telephone, who said about his invention along the lines: „I believe I do not exaggerate, if a telephone will be installed in every major American city within 20 years.“

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Beijing Olympic Bike Photos

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M back in T

I got the following mail from Marek:

"hallo michael.
wie gehts wie stehts !?
ich komme naechste woche wieder zurueck nach tokyo.
hoffe dass ich bald wieder ins geschehen eingreifen kann,
aber erst einmal muss ich sehen wie fit ich bin ,,,
habe seit 5 monaten nicht mehr auf dem rad gesessen ..."

So, Marek is back in town after cruising around in the Far East for almost five months. I am not sure if I should be envious of five months holidays in a row, but I would sure have loved to stay at some of the places he went to and see saw of the things he has seen.

Let’s give him a big welcome. A very big welcome. A huge welcome ride. My suggestion would be the WTTIK welcome.
Or, Wada-Tawa-Tsuru-Imagawa-Kazahari. Short stop after that at the Maison Paul Jason.

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