M back in T

I got the following mail from Marek:

"hallo michael.
wie gehts wie stehts !?
ich komme naechste woche wieder zurueck nach tokyo.
hoffe dass ich bald wieder ins geschehen eingreifen kann,
aber erst einmal muss ich sehen wie fit ich bin ,,,
habe seit 5 monaten nicht mehr auf dem rad gesessen ..."

So, Marek is back in town after cruising around in the Far East for almost five months. I am not sure if I should be envious of five months holidays in a row, but I would sure have loved to stay at some of the places he went to and see saw of the things he has seen.

Let’s give him a big welcome. A very big welcome. A huge welcome ride. My suggestion would be the WTTIK welcome.
Or, Wada-Tawa-Tsuru-Imagawa-Kazahari. Short stop after that at the Maison Paul Jason.

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2 Antworten zu “M back in T

  1. TOM

    Great to have Marek back! Count me in on this WTTIK Loop!

  2. good to see you guys planning a ‚welcome-back‘ ride for me. i feel honored. having done virtually NO exercise in the last 5 months, i have no idea about my fitness-level at all. no glue on whether i can keep up with you guys or not. but of course we can give it a try. p.s. i can only do saturday – already got plans for sunday. what do you guys think ?

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