Finally after some wait, JCRC has sent me a confirmation about the registration of the POSITIVO ESPRESSO club in their membership rooster. This year I was officially racing for NFCC Peugeot Calyon, but as I have resigned with the team recently, next year I would like to start for the Positivo Espresso team, thus registration became necessary. In case you would like to attend a JCRC race next year as a member of Positivo Espresso, please write CID (Club Identification Number) 311 on the application form. (There is no advantage whatsoever).

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  1. TOM

    Thanks for signing the team up Mob! Extra motivation for me to join a race here and there next year (definitely want to do the Shiobara two-day event again!)

  2. mob

    Well I guess that there is no disadvantage as well. There is an annual club point ranking, the result for 2008 is here :http://www.jcrc-net.jp/cpoint08/2008cp11.htmlI have not checked in detail, but I believe that in each race the ranking points of the best racer of all racers belonging to one club are counted. Ranking points are, regardless of the class 1(for 23rd place) to 30 (for first place). So it doesn’t matter if you have good results in A or F class.NFCC is in 37th place. Most of the points are actually won by Goro-San.Tom is right, Shiobara was a good race. We should try to get a bigger Postivo Espresso party to the race next year.

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