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I was thinking about doing some track training with Hiroshi in Kawasaki but I couldn’t reach him on the phone. Damned, I should have called much earlier! Because of the track, I canceled also the Shirokuma ride with TCC. And I didn’t know that Tom and Goro planned to take on Miura Hanto. AND I was idling around in the morning, so finally I was leaving the house at noon. What now?

So I had to decided fast and I decided for a fast, short and itense Otarumi – Tsukui trip which would bring me back home hopefully before darkness.

With a strong tailwind, everything was going according to plan. In no time I reached Sekidobashi on the Tamagawa and continued along the Akigawa towards Takao station. I have ridden this road now so many times, I wonder why I even bother to write about. As I was late, I decided to skip the break at the Takao 7-Eleven and charge Otarumi immediately. I didn’t planned to go for a good Togebaka time but I also didn’t wanted to slack. And then I saw a Nalsima rider about 200 meters in front (two legs this time) and of course I wanted to catch him, which I did. I stayed behind him for a while as he was going faster with me in his back but when he lost his power, I overtook him and then I saw another rider about 100 meters in front. And I also caught this one, although I was running out of steam. But once in front I didn’t wanted to be overtaken so I charged on until the very end. 15:06 minutes, not my best time but very good for this part of the season. And already after a little bit more than 2 hours on the bike.

There was no traffic on route 20 and going down to Sagamiko was fun as always. As I know the road now well I am going a little bit faster and more risky. Along road #515 / #517 and #412 (Doshi Michi) I continued until the point where one take a left turn at the Sunkus Combini. This time I found the right fork to the spectacular hanging bridge over lake Tsukui and the small and nice road along the slopes of the lake on the North side. Beautiful – thanks to Hiroshi and David to introducing me to this one.

Then it is a little bit boring to ride through Hashimoto and I don’t know where the „tank road“ is. After a little bit more than three hours I took the first break at the 7-Eleven in Hashimoto close to the military ground.
In no time I was on the bike again on Kan-One and continued in direction Tamagawa. I have never seen Kan-One as congested as today – OK, this was also only the third time I rode there. But sometimes there was no speed riding possible as I had to pass lines of cars waiting in front of traffic lights.
Still there was tailwind and some of the downhill parts were fast and finally I arrived back at the Tamagawa. From there it took me another 45 minutes home through Yokohama, going fast on a second power wave.

Overall it was a very fast trip in good weather with very few breaks. When I checked the Ciclo data tonight, I found out that the total trip time was 4:44 hrs, whereas the riding time was 4:29 hrs, meaning I had only 15 minutes of breaks, including traffic light stops and .. everything. 95% of the time out there actually riding on the bike is very good. So I good curious and checked the other two trips I had made, virtually taken the same road [one 3 km exception]. The riding time was 4:38 hrs and 4:30 hrs, so almost identical, however the total trip time was 5:54 hrs and 5:49 hrs respectively. In other words, one hour of breaks more … what a waste of time.

So let’s try to keep the breaks a little bit shorter if we do want to cover longer distances in winter/spring season.

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9 Antworten zu “95 %

  1. TOM

    Next time Michael! I have the route in my GPS now…the restaurant is fabulous, a real „anaba“!

  2. TOM

    Definitely Michael…the shorter the breaks at the conbinis, the longer the rides & the wider our nawabari !

  3. Tom, is it route 47 or route 158? Or some other road?

  4. Michael:I also got a late start and did almost the exact route you did — but my first hill effort was on the much shorter byoin zaka and iroha zaka heading out of town, then I meandered to find the way to the path to Takao without returning to the Tamagawa (which would have been faster). So I did take a break at the Takao 7-11, and did not make any record on the Otarumi climb. I also did find the „tank road“ part of the way through (carried my bike up a stairway to get there), and on One Kansen I had the good luck to actually hit GREEN lights for quite aways, so it was fast despite the traffic. Still, 110 km on a day when I needed to deal with work/emails before heading out, and about twice the climbing that I would have gotten in if I had done a winter ride up and down the river in past years … and the weather for riding looks promising over the next week, if work cooperates.

  5. TOM

    Ludwig,You mean the way back on the other side of Miura? That was mostly along route 134 thru Yokosuka I was told that for the summer .season with lots of beachgoers, it is better to do the tour of the peninsula in the other direction (i.e. along Tokyo-wan first then riding back along Sagami-wan).CheersTom

  6. Hi Michael san,This is hiroshi.It was regreteable in Kawasaki.Sorry,I did not understanded your mobile.It’s the 22th next time.Please contact me at e-mail.ciao!

  7. Tom, I meant the „tank road“. I’m not sure when the next time will be that we can go out together and you can show it to me/others, so if you could indicate on a map/by name, that would be great. Thanks!

  8. mob

    Good ride, David. Please show Ludwig and me the tank road the next time we ride out together, I would love to go there. In any case, even a congested One-San is better than the always-the-same-return along the Akigawa and Tamagawa.I hope we can combine all Positivo Espresso forces for a joint Miura ride next weekend?

  9. TOM

    Ludwig, sorry I didn’t have a GPS that one time Hiroshi took us on the tank road and I once tried to locate the entrance point afterwards but in vain.Michael: Miura ride….let’s go for it. We could fix a RdV point and time like Enoshima bridge at 9:00. Last Saturday, I rode with GORO and his mate all the way down from home to the heel of the Peninsula without stopping once and except for a bladder about to burst, it felt great to skip all those conbinis and do the bits of chitchatting while waiting for the red lights to turn green.

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