We are thinking of a weekend ride, circling one time Miura Hanto next weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. Actually Saturday would be my preferred day, but it seems that this will depend very much on the weather forecast.

We can have two meeting points, an early one along the Tamagawa for David, Tom, Ludwig and Jerome to assemble and another one at Enoshima bridge for those who live closer to the sea (me) or wish to go the first part on the train (me as well). Tom proposed 9 AM for the Enoshima meeting, not sure about time and place for the Tamagawa early meeting.

Perhaps we start with the West coast first and also take a short look at Jogashima before riding up North again on the East Coast. It is then up to everybody how far to ride into the city or to hop a train back home.

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4 Antworten zu “MIURA HANTO WEEKEND RIDE 14/15 FEB

  1. Sounds good. 9am Enoshima may be a bit too ambitious. I made it to Enoshima in 1h40 last time, but unless the wind is blowing again the same way, that is not repeatable. Also, I’d rather not ride along these big roads again and take Nakahara kaido and the path by the river from Yamato instead, which will make it more like a 2.5-3h ride from home. A meeting point for those coming from Tokyo could be where Nakahara kaido crosses the Tamagawa, say at 8am?

  2. TOM

    Doing the Tokyo-Wan West side first and then the Sagami-Wan sounds good to me too. Either way is fine. In case of West side first, how about a Rdv at 8:00 at Tamagawarabashi 多摩川原橋?

  3. Tom, that’s sort of in opposite direction of the destination for those of us coming from more central Tokyo. I think a bridge over the Tamagawa much closer to the sea would be better, e.g. where Nakahara kaido crosses Tamagawa.Thoughts from everybody else?

  4. TOM

    OK, you name the bridge and I’ll try to be there. Otherwise we start from Enoshima and do the East coast Sagami-wan side first. Anything works.

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