Tokyo Marathon

Our free war correspondent Edogawakikoman reported from the Tokyo Marathon Event this weekend that he has met a young sportsman in the blossom of his life wearing a Positivo Espresso Team Jersey. Obviously the jersey is of such magnificent design that he was immediately discovered among his fellow thirtyfivethousand compatriots.

It seems that Jerome, as the young sportsman is called, ran strongly and finished strongly as well. Hundreds of kilometers of riding his bike in training sessions in the last months obviously paid off handily.

Tell us more, Jerome.

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  1. Well, is anyone planning a ride this weekend? Jerome, I realize that you will probably not do any cycling and limit your training to running, as part of your patented DSO Training Program („different sports only“) — now that you are done with your running event and preparing for the transalp, you must run, just as before the Tokyo marathon you could only ride. But I want to RIDE one or both days this weekend.I saw that TCC plans a ride out of Odawara on Sunday. Anyone planning to join part/all — maybe start with them and then come back Doshi michi; or start with them and go back via Atami Toge (and down to Mishima etc for train home)?On Saturday I need to be back no later than 4PM, and I should listen to an internal „all partner“ conference call (listen only) that I can dial into by cellphone from 9-9:30AM (maybe I can time it for a stop at Aurore, or use an earphone and listen while riding at a slightly slower pace?), so I may just try a solo ride.

  2. DavidMy love affair with running has shortlived & I am ready to switch back to Cycling. (I will let you informed on my marathon performance soon)I would like to go cycling next sunday since I plan to join the weekly triathlon training on saturday (a dream still not fullfilled)Froggy

  3. mob

    Perhaps both days :Saturday would be good for a longer ride (family, weather), while I would prefer a fast half-day morning ride on Sunday. The alternative would be nothing on Saturday and TCC ride on Sunday.Phil from TCC offered us to guide us through Chiba on Saturday. The idea is to take the train to Honda station (誉田) in Chiba, about 80 minutes from Shinagawa in the morning, cruise in and around the southern part of Boso Hanto and take the ferry to Miura Hanto later.The ferry departs every hour, ferry time is only 40 minutes, so we could take a rest on the ferry and wouldn’t loose that much time.I wanted to go to Chiba for a long time and I am very inclined to do it this weekend. Could I stir up some ethusiasm?

  4. Well, Michael, Chiba sounds like something you should not miss … and that I cannot do given my Saturday constraints.Let’s try to ride as 3 together on Sunday. Maybe we could ride out together on Sunday morning, though Jerome and I might go further than a half-day and you might head back early?Or if you skip Saturday, I would be happy to try the TCC ride on Sunday. We would need to persuade Jerome to take the train (or ride) to Odawara in the morning.Maybe we can speak by mobile on Saturday afternoon/evening and confirm which Sunday plan works best?Any others interested?

  5. Hello gents.Nothing Saturday for me.As for Sunday, three to four of us will depart Ebisu at the usual 7am time and head to Takao. Talk is of a ride to Sagamiko and then Yabitsu and train home, or a climb up the back of Wada, then loop home. To be decided in the time honoured tradition en route.I too would love to try a ride in Chiba but Saturdays are impossible :(As has been the case for the last few months, given my fairly recent fatherhood, expeditions over 5/6 hrs are hard to justify.Maybe see one or all on the road Sunday?

  6. I’m co-organizing a TCC ride tomorrow, Saturday. We will start out near Odawara and do three big passes, the famous Mikkuni Toge included. Details are here in case anyone would like to join:

  7. Ludwig: … thanks for pointing me to the later part of the TCC thread. I don’t think I can do the ride on Saturday (9AM call, 4PM return). Please let me know if you think I have any chance of making it up Mikkuni — sounds very tough, but good training — and so whether I should try to do this on Sunday.James:Thanks for the heads up. I’ll let you know if I plan to join for all or part — depends on what I accomplish Saturday and on Jerome’s and Michael’s Sunday plans.Looks like good (if a bit cool) riding weather!Best,David P.S. Did I mention that David Jacob and Juliane Prechtl got one of 25 „spring sign up“ spots for the Transalp!!! Yippee!!!

  8. David, Mikkuni has some real monster slopes. I’m convinced you could do it physically, but probably not with your standard crank.

  9. mob

    I made everything clear for Chiba tomorrow. If I am in somewhat acceptable shape, I will join you on Sunday at 8 AM (?) at Tamagawahara bridge for a quick one.Let’s get in contact again tomorrow evening.

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