Positively Approved

Since some weeks I am pregnant … with the idea to customize a sticker which we could use to mark cycling routes and approved supply dumps along the way.

This will also come handy if we are ever going to publish our routes in the form of a book or a website. I checked out some websites in Japan, but the production is extremely expensive; I checked further in Germany and in the US and finally I have found a source in the States which could supply weather proofed customized stickers.

In a size of 2 inch width they would cost about 200 US$ for 1,000 pieces which is the cheapest I could found. If you know any other suppliers, in particular in Japan, please let me know.

The red frame on the bottom is interned to include arrows for indication of turns, if the road would go straight they can be turned by 90 degrees to indicate with an arrow to go ahead. Of course we can also include warning messages or other comments with permanent markers.

We would paste them on lampposts and guide rails in the most sensible way. Some of our favourite shops like the manju sellers on road #35 or the soba place at the Okutamako may also agree to have them patched to their doors.

What would you think? Would you be interested to have a set of 50 – 100 stickers and share the respective cost?

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2 Antworten zu “Positively Approved

  1. I'll share the cost with you…

  2. Michael:Congratulations on your pregnancy — a first in the history of MANkind, though I think it has happened in the movies before. See you on Sunday morning.As for the stickers, I like the idea … but if we are going to put them up anyplace without permission (to signify "approved" roads or pathways, for example, or on lamp posts in front of convenience stores that decline the opportunity to have them up on the sign next to the "Seven and I"), I suggest that first we get a non-Positivo logo (and drop the name "Positivo" for this purpose). Maybe come up with an alternative phrase for this purpose?If I'm Nagai-san, when I get my first complaint from the Uenohara police department or the Yamanashi Highway Construction Dept is the point where I start consulting with a bengoshi (lawyer) about how to regain control of my trademark and logo and seek compensation for damage to reputation.Best,

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