Are you a vehicularist or a facilitator? An interesting article on bicycles and traffic rules here in Slate magazine online.

I’m glad that cycles are excluded from „one way“ rules in Japan. On the other hand, I did hear somewhere that police are stopping cyclists and warning them here now for riding at night without a forward light.

[David L. supplement:] I just wanted to add this cross reference — a post from a master finance blogger who touches upon related topics — which model of car drivers are the worst? I believe Nihoncassandra has recently relocated from the East Coast of the U.S. to France, so his ranking presumably applies to BMW drivers in France, not in New Jersey.

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  1. Thanks for posting the article. I like it a lot, and for me it really expresses the dilemma between two alternatives, neither of which is perfect. I don't want to be banned to bike paths with slow and dangerous cyclists and many intersections, but I also want to have bike paths when the road is so dangerous I'd rather avoid it…

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