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Positivo Espresso Approved Starbucks

I took a shorter (85 km) afternoon ride today, out One-kansen, along the tank road and Machida Kaido, up the steep approach to Shiroyama Lake, and back to the river via Yaen-Kaido. The route can be replayed on Garmin Connect here. A fast trip back with neutral or tailwind.

Outbound, I stopped at Dominic’s „P.E. Approved“ Starbucks just off the end of One-kan past the „tank road“, and remembered to snap a picture with my phone’s camera. The photo leaves a lot to be desired, but least gives the general idea–people sitting outside and relaxing in what is, other than the Starbucks, a bit of a wasteland of big box stores, „logistics facilities,“ gas stands and convenience stores … just down the hill from the wonderful :

P.S. For an „approved“ Starbucks, would zenin (是認) or ninka (認可) be preferable to kakunin (確認)? Thoughts?

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A response to MC SpandX

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Fixie for Sale

For Sale: Swobo Sanchez 55cm

Purchased July 2007, mildly used, lovingly cared for, great condition, stable consolidation forces reluctant sale.

Road Bike Action Magazine May/June 2008

National Geographic Adventure Review



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