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Approval Procedure

Some of you, in particular those who have joined for rides recently, might have noticed that nowadays I stop quite often in the vicinity of lamp posts and other metal surfaces at crossings, approved supply dumbs, mountain passes and tunnels. Unlike dogs, I do not do this to mark my districts. At least not in this fashion.

Well, some weeks ago I have finally received a parcel from the US with 1,000 of 5 by 6 cm all weather proof stickers with the Positivo Espresso logo and an appropriate approval [確認] sign. Some time ago I asked if there would be interest to have some, there wan’t so much reaction but nevertheless I ordered them [being a stubborn German].

I use the stickers mainly to outline our main routes so that also other riders can find them easily. When chartering new terrain one get’s so easily lost. I noticed this this season as we tried many new roads. One time, climbing up to O-toge I got completely lost and had to return the same way as I couldn’t find the right road to the top. In particular when riding with Ludwig that happened quite often, as our navigation and orientation levels is pretty low.

Imagine that both of us would be kidnapped, drugged, blindfolded and left in the middle of the Amazon jungle in the thickest of forest during the night with a beautiful woman. In the moment we wake up both of us would point in opposite directions and shout: „Let’s go. This way!“. Yes, that’s how good we are.

Also I use the sticker to approve our favorite shops. I don not think that it is a good idea to glue them on the windows and doors of the shop, at least without asking, but there is no harm done if they are on a lamp pole next to the store.
Aurore, the lovely bakery in Ome, was the first one to be approved.

The weather resistance is surprisingly good. Before the Yokohama race I had two stickers on my bike, one Positivo and one from the CMWC; the PE one survived well, the CMWC one was completely destroyed by the rain and the road rash.

If you would like to have some stickers, please let me know. I normally carry some with me on the rides. There weren’t exactly cheap so I would like to ask for your understanding that I have to ask some money for them.

The first who will benefit from this are two French students from my Temple University class. They plan to spend the three day weekend on a bicycle tour and asked me for a good route. I explained them the way to Ome along the Tamagawa and then further on to Matsuhime and back on route 20 over Takao to the Tamagawa again. So basically a tour which everyone of us will consider a good warm-up ride before getting serious in the afternoon.

Oh, did I mentioned that they want to do this on mama-chari? Well, they only told me after I send them the idea. If you see them along the road, please give them some bread, cheese and red wine.

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