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Sunday — Nagano Run!

This Sunday, we will make one more try for the one-day run from Tokyo through to Saku or Karuizawa … lots of great reports from others (Ludwig, and many from TCC — Thomas‘ „Mountains of Madness“ most recently, and a more Northerly route taken by AlanW and Naomi coast-to-coast via Karuizawa).

If the weather (still a bit iffy in the forecast) and our bicycles and bodies cooperate, this time we should be able to get through, and return in the late afternoon (or worst case early evening) by Shinkansen.

Jerome and I will leave my house at 5:30AM, and plan to meet Tom, Nishibe-san and any others who want to join by 6:15AM at Sekidobashi. We will take the most straightforward route (Higashi-Oume, Yamabushi, and then straight on Rte 299) until the decision point (intersection of Natl Rte 299 and Gunma Pref. Rte 45). We can debate the relative merits of the two alternatives that morning en route … and even add to it if we get through and Tom wants to climb Mugikusa-toge (high, but not at all steep) or if we want to explore the environs of Karuizawa. Let us know if you plan to join.

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