Positivo Espresso Approved Starbucks

I took a shorter (85 km) afternoon ride today, out One-kansen, along the tank road and Machida Kaido, up the steep approach to Shiroyama Lake, and back to the river via Yaen-Kaido. The route can be replayed on Garmin Connect here. A fast trip back with neutral or tailwind.

Outbound, I stopped at Dominic’s „P.E. Approved“ Starbucks just off the end of One-kan past the „tank road“, and remembered to snap a picture with my phone’s camera. The photo leaves a lot to be desired, but least gives the general idea–people sitting outside and relaxing in what is, other than the Starbucks, a bit of a wasteland of big box stores, „logistics facilities,“ gas stands and convenience stores … just down the hill from the wonderful :

P.S. For an „approved“ Starbucks, would zenin (是認) or ninka (認可) be preferable to kakunin (確認)? Thoughts?

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4 Antworten zu “Positivo Espresso Approved Starbucks

  1. TOM

    認可 is fine, 「承認済み」as in "approved by the Postivistas" would be even better. That said, I would never rate a Starbucks with this highly coveted signpost of ours! My wife and I once had a disgusting experience there and we swore to ourselves never to set a foot inside this establishment again!

  2. Starbucks are basically the same everywhere and server mediocre coffee…so if you add one you'll basically need to add every single one on the planet.Ever noticed how all the blends pretty much taste the same…. the sausage rolls are outstanding though..

  3. Personally I do not think these should be approved. If any coffee shop should, Segafredo would be my nomination.

  4. Tom — I like 「承認済み」. Please post information on the bakery you and Vlaams like on/near Yoshino Kaido.Bryon — I would definitely "approve" Segafredo … but the only one I went to regularly in connection with (at the conclusion of) rides was the one in Futakotamagawa Station. Until the construction around the station made it very difficult to approach by bicycle. … so someone else will need to be approving the shop. And nearly all the Segafredo shops are inside town (if we "approve" shops in Tokyo, there will be no end to it.) Welcome back to the blog and good luck choosing the new bike!

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