Train with POWER

OK team here is the adjusted information for the services. Still working on a discount for the team although these prices are better then TAC.

Any questions feel free to direct them my way or have a look at the racermate site.

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  1. Ok im getting pretty serious in to my training at the moment, but what really does this course have to offer? It seems that its a spin class using the Elite system and software.. .and for a 10 course pack you are offering, you could pretty much get this as it covers everything the flier does: interested to know what more you are offering

  2. Thank you for your mail.The computrainer is a well known and trusted machine. So much so it is the certified training unit for the USAT triathlon and ironman. Some of the advantages of the computrainer are:1. spinscan funciton2. intelecoach software 3. 15% grade simulation4. race against past training sessions5. over 15yrs of R&D so little incidence of PC problems or unit difficulties6. tonz of software to support training, 3D courses, ERG video courses, course creation soft wear, GPS course creation, custom course programing, Training Peaks support7. unit comes with a 20-30% power improvement or 2-4mph gain guaranteeI do believe this is one of the top training units available and that is why I have purchased it. I want to be able to provide this equipment to others and the training programs both custom and purchased programs alike.If you look in the FAQ section of the unit you linked there are lots of posts on bugs and problems with the unit.If you would like more information about the training packages and multi week sessions please let me know.Also if you are looking to compete in any events I would be happy to sit down and lay out a schedule and do some testing to see where and how you need to be training.Any other questions?

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