Who’s in for a little Miura Loop tomorrow?

Miura Loop tomorrow?

Since our group is so dispersed, I propose to meet at 10:00 (or I would be comfortable with 9:00 like on the picture too…) in front of Enoshima Bridge…

The idea is to do a slow ride circumnavigating the peninsula.  Therefore even members out of shape (MOB, etc.) or still far removed from peak form (James, etc.) are welcome to join this one.

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3 Antworten zu “Who’s in for a little Miura Loop tomorrow?

  1. Tom,Wouldlove to join this ride but i need to find care for Tsukino it's a little short notice so if this ride were on Sunday I certainlybe up for it!

  2. mob

    Same for me. The relative flatness and the winds of Miura would be perfect for me, but first I need to bring my bike for repair to Nagai-San on Saturday.

  3. Tom, thanks for the post, I might try something else this weekend, have a good ride.

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