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Officially Approved Italian Reststop

Dr. Florian and me, elected members of the Positivo Espresso – Nutrition Inspection Service (PE – NIS) paid a visit yesterday night to Amoroso, an Italian joint close to Ichigaya which was recommended by a team mate who had there „probably the best dinner of all year (2009)„.

It took a while until I finally could found a person and an occassion worthy enough the spend big Yen at this restaurant.

The inspection went without problems. Apart from the food (we opted for wild boar, among others) which was excellent, the highlight of the evening was when diretorre Maeda went deep into his refrigerating hall and came back with a vintage bottle of Bitburger Pils (2009) beer from Germany. I nice change after approximately 20 different red and white wines.

And we are glad to announce that we have now a viable alternative to 7-Elevens at least in the area around Ichigaya, on almost every day of the week after 18.30hr. Provided you make a reservation at least one week in advance.

Finally a post in the tradition of Japanese cycling blog sites where more photos of food than of cycles can be seen.

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