Saturday Guard Of Honor

Ludwig, Yair and I will be meeting at the Tamagwara Bashi at 9am tomorrow morning to ride up to Takao for the 10:30am meeting point at the Takao 7-11 .

Anyone else riding in is more than welcome to meet us here and ride up together.

See you all tomorrow for what should be a memorable sending off for Michael.

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9 Antworten zu “Saturday Guard Of Honor

  1. James:Care for a compromise on timing?9:15AM departure from Tamagawahara-bashi?8:45AM my house in Kaminoge?I suspect even with a 9:15 departure it would still be the slowest you have ever ridden from Tamagawaharabashi to Takao.Best, David

  2. mob

    If OK with you, James and Yair, I will be at Tamagawahara Bashi (Tokyo Side) at 09:15 AM tomorrow morning to ride out [Start :bold, underlined, red] leisurely [End : bold, underlined, red] to the 7-Eleven at Takao station.I just checked and we are a huge group noiw, including the last movements on the TCC website.Why don't we make a "real" time trial at Wada? We take two pairs of stopwatches, one stays down, one goes up with two riders (who don't compete). Then we start the TT in the order of start numbers, every 10 or 20 seconds one single rider.The two guys on the top note the time and calculate the final ranking.Everybody pays 500 Yen, we take bets on the fastest time. The fastest rider and the one who guessed closest to the actual best time will get each half of the money.Or we can take bets on the order of the first three riders.If it's fun and we still have time, we can repeat that at Kobu tunnel as well.

  3. Guys, 9:15 it is…. I will bring stop watches!

  4. TOM

    Got to win both of them !!

  5. Actually easiest way to do it is to have two sycronised watches. Start time and finish times are logged at the start and finish then calculated after…. much easier then radio/calling in times.

  6. I will bring a 2x notebooks and pens aqnd I have a watch/stop watch… just need one more.

  7. I will be at Tamagawara bashi at 9:15am then.Not too excited about the time trial proposal – would rather do this in the usual undisciplined PE tradition: each man or woman against their own clock.

  8. See you at 9:15.I'll pass on the time trial, but am happy to record others if they really want it instead of just using their stop watches. I like the two synchronized watches idea. Maybe just Wada — Kobu is not even a "Toge baka" … so maybe just a race up that one?

  9. Hi,there.I hope that catch you squads at tamagawarabashi,9:15.See tomorrow.

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