Not your typical Super Six

This post is nothing more than unadulterated bike porn. You have been warned.

The hoods are fiber with a light coat of rubber painted on.

AX Lightness out of Germany. Bar? 141 grams. Stem? 64 grams. Cost for both? $1717.00

The brakes are the AX3000 weighing only 130 grams a set. Cost? $1012.00

Mated to Cannondale’s super light and stiff Hollowgrams are custom carbon chain rings and spider.

The Red derailleur uses a custom carbon cassette with each cog individually glued to a spacer, then glued to the next cog.

Matte black with white.
Edge Composites 980 gram 25 wheel’s.

Total weight? 4.38kg


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4 Antworten zu “Not your typical Super Six

  1. AX Lightness … available in Japan, imported by David Marx / RGT Enterprises. I guess with this brand and Assos.

  2. hoods look like crap….. 4.38kg makes it impossible to race in any sanctioned UCI or affiliated races. Rear cassette will wear out very rapidly while front chainrings can be purchased cheaper through StrongLite.Brake callipers look the sex though and out of the whole build the only thing worth keeping and actually look good. sorry just my very humble opinion….but still 4.38kg for a bike is bloody amazing!

  3. Personally, I think the carbon cassette is hilarious. Brilliant in a completely flawed way. I want one. Hahahaha.

  4. mob

    The brakepads are looking way to thick. One could easily reduce the total weight of the bike further by shaving off some millimeter.And why all the bar tape?

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