Cav’s Wheel Caves

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  1. Cav was clearly not going to let Haussler, another Cervelo rider, beat him out for the points jersey here, after losing to Hushovd in last year's Tour. The wheel imploded … but maybe only from the force of getting pulled under Haussler's wheel … or was the wheel implosion what caused it? Cav was clearly riding into Heinrich, and he penalized 30 seconds ….I will embed the video. You decide.

  2. Okay, now I see that Jimmy Shinagawa already posted the video below. … And the photo in his post suggests clearly that the wheel was still straight as Cav was falling, and it was only getting ridden over by Haussler's wheel that twisted it a few milliseconds later … and as pointed out, it sprung back straight. I've obviously got to check the blog more frequently during the weekdays … can't keep up with the posts.

  3. David watch the video again…. the photo of Cavendish in Jimmy's post is after the wheel folded that I posted, its the spring back that practically throws Haussler over the bars.Also if you watch the footage from the air both Cav and Haussler converge after coming off thier original lines. To be honest they should both be find but with Haussler pulling out due to a grazed elbow and lack of a new pair of shorts they have to pin the blame somewhere.

  4. James:… upon further review, I think you and the "anonymous" comment to Oof below both have merit. They both should be fined. Cavendish was coming across everyone, off his line, but he was definitely two wheels ahead of Haussler at the time of impact, and it was Haussler's front wheel going into Cavendish's rear wheel (when Haussler stomps on the left pedal, pulling his the front wheel to the right) that was the first impact.

  5. Not that anyone still cares about this … but the daily news reports from say that the peleton staged a "start-line protest" against Cavendish the following day for his overly aggressive riding. And he was penalized "25 points, 30 seconds and 200 Swiss Francs." "The HTC-Columbia rider is said to have spat on Haussler after the crash, which led to a protest against him at the start of Wednesday's stage."And Cav did not ride the 6th stage Thursday — stiffness and a desire to attend grandma's funeral (I guess if there had not been the crash, the stiffness, the protest, then maybe the funeral would not have been a priority?)Wish them all the best of luck in the Tour!

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