Save the Date – Midsummer Team Dinner – Tuesday July 27

We are losing Michaels to the flatlands at an unsustainable pace this year.  First Michael K. to the flats of Northern Germany.  Now Michael H. to flat Dubai, in August.

A promotion within his bank (the very same institution which is called „home“ by his countryman, David J. of the P.E. London chapter — you know, the one with those funny/serious old/new ads in the jetways) sends Michael H. off to oversee their legal function for a much bigger piece of real estate.

I am hoping to be able to celebrate my own recovery and return to the saddle at the same time.

For any of you who will be in Tokyo in late July, SAVE THE DATE – TUESDAY JULY 27 – for a team dinner, place TBD.  Given the season, the focus may be more on cold drinks than on food.  Ideas welcome via email or comment.

P.S.  There was a nice article within the last few years about Christian Van de Velde of Garmin Chipotle, and how he can train to win (well, be competitive in) Tour de France mountain stages while living in a completely flat city like Chicago.  First to find that article and link to it (or forward it to me, for the technology challenged) for the benefit of our two flatland Michaels gets treated to a cold beer at the dinner.


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5 Antworten zu “Save the Date – Midsummer Team Dinner – Tuesday July 27

  1. I will be in the UK and therefore unable to attend.

  2. mob

    Good luck in flat Dubai, Michael. Do you think you can join PEEK (Positivo Espresso European Klub)?

  3. Thanks for organizing, David. I will see whether I can shift a work commitment to be able to make it.

  4. Due to almost everyone being out of town, as feared, we will need to postpone the team dinner until end of summer.There is an alternative farewell event for Michael H. on the 28th — let me know if you would like more information.

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