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Images of cycling in Belgium

through fyxomatosis from Tommy P. Reconnaissance of the Rhonde.

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Leather on the bike

Apart from leather grips as on the Olmo handle bar, there are also various other places where leather can be used to upgrade the functionality of a bike.

This application is in particular handy for people living in the „Viertel“ („The quarter“) of Bremen. Sure, it should include Becks (Greenies) bottles instead of Pilsener Urquell. The Viertel is the part of the town where it is considered uncool to walk around without carrying a bottle of beer.

Before leaving one’s home, one need to check: Key in the pocket? Spare change? Mobile phone? Bottle of beer? I used to live there in the summer of 2010 close to a supermarket that is opened until midnight. Quite rare in Germany still. But basically not necessary as well: Some crates of Becks placed in front of the cashier would have created the same turnover after 8 PM.

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Shut up, legs!

No, not of Jens Voigt. But who is the cyclist in question?

Ok, another one, From left to right please.

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