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ローディ / rōdii / road cyclist

Japanese borrows heavily from other cultures to create new words using the original language spelling and pronunciation in a process called Gairaigo. ローディ is one such example, taken from the English slang word ‘roadie’.

シティサイクル / shiti saikuru / city cycle

Formed of two English words, “city” and “cycle”, it describes the act of urban riding. Careful with pronunciation on this one.

ロコサイクリスト / roko saikurisuto / local cyclist

A term to describe people who are natives of a given region and who are willing to share local knowledge and guide newcomers around.

起伏がはげしい / kifuku ga hageshī / heavy undulation

ピットイン / pittoin / pit in

Meaning a pit stop, a time to rest weary limbs.

ポタリング / potaringu / pottering about

A new term evolved from ‘pottering about’. In Japan, the phrase refers exclusively to aimless two-wheeled jaunts.


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