Derailleur Optimization

Interessanter Artikel, für diejenigen unter uns die einmal die Idee haben werden ein Shimano MTB Schaltwerk mit einer riesigen Kassette auf einem Roadbike mit STIs zu fahren.via Bike Rumour
oder direkt bei Lindarets

Wolf Tooth Components new facility tour-36

Wolf Tooth Components has introduced a lot of interesting products, but many of them owe credit to Lindarets. Gizmos like the Roadlink and the Tanpan allow drivetrains to play nice with bigger gearing or different derailleurs, and the two companies have worked together with Lindarets doing a lot of the design, and WTC managing the production.

Now, in an effort to add even more clever products to the menu, Wolf Tooth Components has licensed the entire Lindarets catalog. For consumers that means that means that Lindarets founder Marc Basiliere will be able focus more on the design of new products while WTC will handle the production and distribution, making the products even easier to access. After the current batch of product runs through, the Lindarets Goat will give way to the WTC Wolf Head as current Lindarets products are rebranded.

Full details from Lindarets, next…

Albuquerque, New Mexico — Lindarets, LLC, of Albuquerque New Mexico has licensed its catalog of problem-solving and performance-enhancing bicycle parts and accessories to Minnesota’s Wolf Tooth Components.

Already partners on the GoatLink, RoadLink, and Tanpan drivetrain products, Wolf Tooth and Lindarets share a love for cycling, an emphasis on top-quality construction, and a dedication to US production. The addition of current and future Lindarets-designed products to its existing offerings will allow Wolf Tooth to expand the range of high-quality parts and accessories offered to its customers, shops, and distributors.

“I am excited by the possibilities that this deal presents,” says Lindarets founder Marc Basiliere, “Wolf Tooth’s extensive dealer and distributor network and strong customer service will make our products more accessible than ever before while allowing Lindarets to focus on the product development work that drives us.”  

“After several very successful and enjoyable collaborations, Wolf Tooth was looking at ways to get Marc more involved in our product development,” says Brendan Moore Co-Owner of Wolf Tooth. “This scenario where Wolf Tooth and Lindarets co-develop products and they are Wolf Tooth products was the perfect solution for both companies to achieve their goals.”

Since the company’s launch in early 2015, Lindarets has brought nearly twenty products to market including: the ReMount series, which improves dropper post remote ergonomics; the GoatLink, RoadLink, and Tanpan, which improve the performance of wide-range drivetrains on- and off-road; and the Boostinator series, which allow the use of a customer’s existing wheels with newer Boost-standard frames and forks.

“While we’ll miss seeing our goat logo in the wild, we look forward to having the time and resources to bring more and bigger ideas to market,” says Basiliere, “allowing Lindarets to grow into the outdoor-oriented design firm we have long envisioned.”  

The two companies expect a number of present Lindarets products to be produced alongside the Tanpan at Wolf Tooth’s new Savage, Minnesota facility.  Over the coming month, current Lindarets offerings will be re-branded as Wolf Tooth products, becoming available exclusively through Wolf Tooth dealers, distributors, and  

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