Winter tires

I am sure that like me you are looking forward to some of those bright clear winter day rides.

If you are thinking of switching over to winter equipment such as a different set of wheels or even a winter bike, then perhaps you might like to consider these tires pictured to the left.

Name: Hello Kitty (SKU:1917)
Type: Tire Size: 20 x 2.125“
Color: White Side-wall
Description: Hello Kitty by Nirve
20 x 2.125 tire white side-wall with black tread.
World famous Hello Kitty molded into the tire.
Price: $19.99

I am sad to inform you that it they are currently only available in a 20×2.125 size and with a white sidewall.

Surely some of you Positivo Espresso readers would be interested in a 700x23c version? Any takers?

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  1. mob

    Great tires, I guess however that I need to spray-paint my bike in pink?

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