The Positivo Espresso Jersey Design Contest + Entry No. 2.1 +

I have to admit that I can hardly think of any other thing any more than the Positivo Espresso design. I looked and the last version again and again and did some more changes:

  • I checked some of the other WAVE ONE designs and found out that it does look good if you change the background color only in accordance with the different parts of the jerseys. So I made the dark grey area a little bit bigger, cutting over to the front.
  • I showed the designs to Anna and she made the wonderful suggestion to arrange the flags like a ring on the edge of the sleeves. So I selected some other flags, including the Flemish lion rather than the Belgian flag for Tom, the Portland City Flag for David and the Moenchengladbach City flag for me instead of the seal of the pope.
  • I put the Positivo Espresso Name higher on the front of the jersey, otherwise it might get compressed by an inflated bottom line.

Ok, we can have endless discussions about the background colors most likely.
But later please.

So after I did all this I thought, hey let’s make some special versions for some prominent riders from the team which you can find below. Just by chance, with the yellow background, the cross is now matching perfectly the national flags of Belgium and (East) Germany.
Of course in case of Jerome, a completely different approach needed to be choosen.

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4 Antworten zu “The Positivo Espresso Jersey Design Contest + Entry No. 2.1 +

  1. you saved my day Michael ! those special editions are too funny (i love the Jerome special!!!). as I said before I dont want to make life difficult, so the colour combination works for me ! arranging the flags as a ring is a great idea – however, the Moenchengladbach flag doesnt have to be on there .. not sure if you already included the Irish flag for Stephen ?!

  2. mob

    Just met David Marx in Tokyo. He mentioned that he knows a guy in Singapore (Finisher) who can do better quality jerseys than WaveOne. If this is competitive, let’s go for it. I will keep you posted.

  3. TOM

    MICHAEL, RATHER THAN WAVE-ONE, THE MAKER USED BY NFCC COULD BE MORE ATTRACTIVE AS THEY USE EUROPEAN SIZING AND ARE A LOT CHEAPER:At Finisher we do business differently; our design and manufacturing process allows us to pass the cost savings on to you. You no longer have to comprise on quality in order to get great prices.With our state of the art digital sublimation system your club, team or business can have its own customised designs from as low as 5 pieces of a single item. There is no restriction on the number of colours you can use and no extra cost. There’s virtually no limit to your design! We like to keep things flexible and simple.With Finisher, we make your garments from the latest functional fabrics and materials sourced from Europe and around the world. We work with our suppliers to develop innovative technical fabrics, at the best prices possible. We focus on our prices and quality, so you can focus on your sport. For enquiries in Europe please contact: +33 6 68 54 07 33 For enquiries outside Europe please contact:

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