Saturday Freeze-drying Ride Jan 26?

I want to ride this Saturday. David Jacob also sounds like he wants to get back on the bike. Anyone interested in an 8AM start at my house? 8:45 at Sekidobashi?

Tom: David, I’ll be there at Sekidobashi – 8:45…I love these zero temperature rides! The Hinoharamura area will have min -6℃ ~ max +2 ℃ temperatures tomorrow fortunately with very little wind….

Well … David Jacob and I got a 10 minute late start, then I flatted a tubular tire about 5 minutes south of sekidobashi. Tom had invited some of the NFCC and rode off with them for Sagamiko. I managed to change my tire and, after some fun with the valve stem coming unscrewed, got it fully inflated. David Jacob and I rode up to Oume and over Jerome Hill (we blew through the record for Jerome Hill — and I was coasting the first part and only pedaled at all as the road turned up near the end), back over a different hill (the hill you go over if you do not turn at Sakamoto and head up Jerome Hill, and back down the river from Oume. 105 km or so from my house. Add 20 km for David Jacob. I got 3 hours of sleep after a long, long night of bengoshi recruiting activities. It reminded me of day 3 of the Tour de Noto, after Michael’s birthday party the night before, but with half the sleep. In any event, it was good to stretch the legs.

Tom: I’m sorry David I couldn’t wait for you. I’m glad to hear though that you managed to fix a new tubular on your carbon wheel…those tubulars can be a nuisance if you have to change them mid-ride. About the Jerome Hill….talk about pulverizing records! ….I cannot believe what you guys managed to do ‚cause I really gave everything for my time!! Are we measuring from the same start line? Something has got to be wrong haha!! Anyways, let’s do this hill all three or all four (with Michael) or all five (with Jerome himself) of us together next time!

Had a nice ride with three much younger NFCC guys…first time for me to go with them (which is why I didn’t want them to wait much longer at Sekidobashi)…two of them are transfers from a professional team. Whereas lately I am usually the one waiting at the top of the touge for the rest to arrive, this time it was the complete reverse! They all had to wait for me to show up! Not a very pleasant feeling having to let others wait. All three of them are more than 10 years younger than me, so maybe it has something to do with age…one thing is for sure, if I continue to cycle with them every weekend, I should be able to improve my hillclimb skills.

We are measuring the same distance — between Sakamoto crossing and the sign at the top of the hill. but don’t worry Tom, our 5 minute record was coming DOWN the hill. Michael picked up one clue — about riding via Oume. The other was „I was coasting the first part …“ 5 minutes was a very leisurely descent.

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6 Antworten zu “Saturday Freeze-drying Ride Jan 26?

  1. TOM

    8:45 at Sekidobashi sounds fine. Would be nice to see David J. on the bike again.

  2. mob

    Guys,Saturday is a little bit difficult for me but Sunday would be perfect. My son is an insect-hunting excursion at Takao-San and I promised to pick him up at the station there at 3 PM.If anybody is interested, I would like to start at 8 AM on Sunday from my house, Sekidobashi at 9 AM than go on to Itsukaichi and in direction Honjuku but nit go up to Kazahari and cross over thru the tunnel to Uenohara.Depending on the time do Suzugane and go back via Otarumi to Takao.There I would however pack my bike in a bag and travel home by train with my son.Anybody interested ?

  3. TOM

    Interested of course Michael! Suzugane sounds super! Will confirm tomorrow evening.Cheers, Tom

  4. Sorry, Michael but I do not think I can ride on Sunday.

  5. mob

    5 Minutes plus something time on 3.3 km distance is equal to an average speed of around 38 km/h. Have you measured from the point where you turn from the mainstreet to the left?Or did you went up the other side of the hill as to wrote that you were going to Ome first?

  6. Okay, Okay. I admit it. We did Jerome Hill from the other side, and it took 5 minutes to come DOWN from the sign to the Sakamoto junction.

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