Tagesarchiv: 7. Februar 2008

Spinning classes

My local gym has a room equipped with Schwinn spinning bikes ~ until yesterday I had never participated in a spinning class, but the instructor (a very cute girl who always wears a Lampre outfit) gave me enough reason to go an try it out. The „Start“ lesson was scheduled for 10PM .. I spent 5 minutes to adjust the bike and then waited .. nobody turned up apart of me and the cute instructor (!) – how fortunate !? The 45 minutes that followed had everything : a free Nihongo lesson, useful advices in terms of positioning and pedalling, a mixed course of flats and climbs and something nice to look at (that being a fit & cute girl in cycling gear). During the entire period I rode a cadence of above 100, which caused me being very exhausted at the end. The girl told me afterwards she has a road bike herself and occasionally goes for rides. I sure would love to go for a ride with her one day … but for now I will confine myself visiting her spinning classes 😉

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