Tagesarchiv: 22. Februar 2008


I know that if all went according to plan, Michael K. is off in Germany, enjoying the feel of his new bicycle frame, … but let me know if you plan to ride on Sunday.
(I have meetings at my office Saturday, but hope to be free on Sunday … and to get a start around 8:30AM (I could be persuaded to move that up, if meeting Tom at Sekidobashi). I would like to get over Otarumi and into the area around Sagami-ko, if possible, but not go much beyond 130km.

David J. may be interested.
Jerome? Marek? Tom? Any other once or future Positivo Express members?

In other news, I flatted another tubular on the Tamagawa path last weekend, so I will stick to clinchers for training rides for the time being — maybe I’ll get some tubeless wheels for my next set … they seem to be coming out slowly but surely.
And my rear hub is worn out on my fixie (now one ball bearing missing and the others not turning very smoothly). Nagai-san is going to build me a new track wheel.

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