I know that if all went according to plan, Michael K. is off in Germany, enjoying the feel of his new bicycle frame, … but let me know if you plan to ride on Sunday.
(I have meetings at my office Saturday, but hope to be free on Sunday … and to get a start around 8:30AM (I could be persuaded to move that up, if meeting Tom at Sekidobashi). I would like to get over Otarumi and into the area around Sagami-ko, if possible, but not go much beyond 130km.

David J. may be interested.
Jerome? Marek? Tom? Any other once or future Positivo Express members?

In other news, I flatted another tubular on the Tamagawa path last weekend, so I will stick to clinchers for training rides for the time being — maybe I’ll get some tubeless wheels for my next set … they seem to be coming out slowly but surely.
And my rear hub is worn out on my fixie (now one ball bearing missing and the others not turning very smoothly). Nagai-san is going to build me a new track wheel.

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  1. TOM

    Will join on Sunday, very happy to. Hope to see David J. as well. Will go to see Nagai-san soon to have clincher wheels built for my „atomic one“.

  2. mob

    Oh, what a beauty…..Can:t wait to get back to Japan and ride her to Yabitsu ….

  3. TOM

    Congratulations Michael! What parts are you planning to assemble her with? Be careful not to have her crushed on the plane! David, any departure time on Sunday will do…you decide! (try to catch David J. too)

  4. mob

    Tom,I went to Biketown, one of the biggest German bicycle stores in my area today and bought almost all necessrary parts, except the ones I have bought already in Japan.Basically most of the stuff is from…. surprise … Shimano. But it is cheaper to buy in Germany than in Japan and I do not want to have problems later with supply of spare parts.Details:Shifters, derailers (10 speed, short cage), brakes, cassette (12-27), pedals all Shimano Ultegra but with SL (ice grey) finish.Crank Set: SRAM Force, got a special discount of 40% on this one, couldn:t resist. Looks very nice with carbon crank. 52/39 with 172.5 cm length.Wheels: Campa Zonda clinchers with DT Swiss skewers and Continental Grand Prix 4000 tires and tubes in orange of course.Wanted to buy gravity zero from David Marx but he could not deliver.Selle Italia flite saddle in orange, the same as I have on my Cannondale bike now.I didn’t bought a handle bar, nothing there what looked nice. I need 420 mm width, any ideas?Stem, bottle cage, wires, handle bar tape etc. already bought in Japan.Still in need of a chain, I wanted to buy a colored KMC, preferable in orange.A lot of other small parts and spare parts. Spend a small fortune.I also bought two 1 liter water bottles for you guys as an omiyage.Provided that Nagai-San has time plus a handle bar, everything should be fixed for a first ride on the weekend March 8/9 – just in time for the first race of the season.

  5. Michael — sounds great.I have a spare serviceable Ritchey Pro aluminum handlebar in 44cm if you want it … but you will probably find something nicer. Suggest you stop by Nalshima when you get back. Or Nagai-san can get you something. He has 42cm in stock in a few types, if you don’t want something fancy.

  6. Tom: I will plan to be at Sekidobashi at 9AM tomorrow. I’ll call or email if there is any change in plans. I left a vmail for David Jacob and awaiting confirmation whether he will join. Marek?I’ll call Jerome since he does not check the blog much.David

  7. TOM

    Michael,Excellent choice…the Ultegra SL looks really cool! Carbon crank…wow! Zonda wheels…very good too, I used them on my Orbea – I think you’ll like them too. My own VLAAMS is getting delayed it seems…could be for April now. Isn’t 420mm a bit narrow for your physique? Can’t wait to see the finished product! Must look even more fantastic with the matching jersey and bip! Let’s work on that one.

  8. TOM

    Thank you David. I’ll be there @ 9:00! Thanks for trying to get more people. Did 170k today in haru ichiban! Exhilarating tailwinds devastating gusts!

  9. TOM

    Michael, forgot to thank you for the o-miyage!!! Those big bottles are so hard to get find here! You are very kind.

  10. sorry fellows .. i wasnt able to join as i had been skiing all weekend. i should be back on the bike next weekend.

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