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Weekend Ride April 12/13

Mission (partially) accomplished! We made it to Enzan … but hopped the train from there rather than going back via Sasago. It awaits another day.

Near top of Yanagisawa looking behind

The haunted Sasago Tunnel
The weather forecast looks good for this Saturday (11-19 deg, 10%) and somewhat ok on Sunday (10-15 deg, 40%) so I was thinking of a nice trip into the Yamanashi mountains on Saturday.

I realized how tired I am to go along the Tamagawa, so I would like to propose to meet in Ome at the station at 10 AM – those who like can go there by bike (ca. 80 minutes from Futagotamagawa) and those who don’t go there by train (for example Shinjuku 8.54 hr).

Then we travel from Ome to Okutamako along route 411, cross Yanagizawa Toge and take a break at Ensan. Depending on the energy level we have left, we continue then to Sasago Toge and cross over to route 20 to Sasago and Otsuki. We can then decide to take the train home from Otsuki or continue to Hachoji or home.

As an idea.

Sasago Pass closed to traffic until April 10-11-12?

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