Tagesarchiv: 27. April 2008

Tom — Thank you for a memorable ride on Sunday.
Tom and I rode up the Tamagawa, over to Itsukaichi and up Kazahari; stopped at Tomin no Mori briefly then over the top and down the rear side to Okutama-ko. (no TT effort today … but my climb still beat last month’s TT by 15 seconds). We ate soba at Juliane’s favorite Okutamako cafeteria, then climbed the back side of Tsuru and Tawa Toge, and came home via Uenohara/Takao. (The back side of Tsuru is ridiculously steep — lots of 13-15% grade, even though it is only 350 meters elevation gain from Okutama-ko to the top). All in, the ride involved well over 2000 meters of climbing and 183 km (115 miles) for me. Weather was perfect, except for cold (8 degrees celsius), foggy and with some wind on the top of Kazahari. We decided not to try the „kazahari rindo“ because the road would have been wet, making it almost impossible to climb the steep grades with road tires.

Ride on Tuesday anyone? Next weekend?


Thank you for joining yesterday’s ride David…my legs felt rather heavy on the first half of the Kazahari and I was happy you did all the pulling for me. Yes, at the pace you were going, you’ll be in perfect shape by May 17th!

Next time let’s all go for the URAKAZAHARI!


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