TOGEBAKA No. 9 number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9

number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9….yeah I really love that psychedelic Beatles song!

Guys & Gal(s)…I took the liberty of adding Togebaka number 9….“URA KAZAHARI“ a.k.a. Kazahari Rindo 風張林道 !

I’ve done this crazy slope (grade of 18% here and there?) several times in the past but never measured my time until I read my friend Hiroshi’s (our age) blog…he did it in less than 35 minutes.

How about a little TT this weekend ? – either day is fine with me. After the climb we can add some distance (go around Matsuhime?) by way of Itoigawa training…yes, why not add Togebaka No. 8? David, I agree the starting point for Togebaka No. 8 is preferable at the T-junction rather than the remote Kosuge Town Hall (of course this one we can keep for the sake of variation).
This is how average-level roadies fare on the URAKAZAHARI !!

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13 Antworten zu “TOGEBAKA No. 9 number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9

  1. Sunday looks good – David J

  2. the gal’s in for Sunday.

  3. TOM

    Great…let’s do it on Sunday. A fantastic climb is waiting! Michael might join as well.

  4. mob

    I am teaching at the ICU on Saturday morning, however Sunday would be ok for me (family approval pending). Any ideas where to go, david, Juliane and Tom? Will in become a Sunday in Hell as your latest post suggests?

  5. TOM

    any ideas on where to go? URAKAZAHARI of course! Hell or heaven you decide!

  6. Count me in on sunday. Urakazahari. I’ll walk up the 18% grade part. Can’t be more than a kilometer or two.Juliane — did you really mean 7:30AM at Sekidobashi???

  7. TOM

    Juliane suggested „early-ish,“ and not familiar with the term (uhum),I thought 7:30 would be close….don’t worry 10:30 would be equally fine with me (I’m doing my big ride of the week on Saturday). You decide! The 18% stretch is about 220 meters at the most (until you reach the mushroom farm) but there are some 16% that are equally long or short. Looks like I will be on my VLAAMS!

  8. seemingly being not quite the typical German who in average gets up at 6:23 as per recent Spiegel poll, David I did appreciate your asking.How about 8:30 at Sekido then?7:45 your house, David?now, how do you think we can get family approval for Michael? Anyone got the flower delivery guy’s number? 😉

  9. come on michael – you’ll fly up the 18% on those zero-gravity wheels 🙂 DJ

  10. TOM

    See you all at 8:30 Sekidobashi!

  11. Tom:Congratulations on the Kusatsu placing. I look forward to seeing the new bike … at 8:30 Sunday at Sekidobashi (745 start from my house)!Best,David(Team: See the report on Tom’s blog).

  12. mob

    Sorry guys, my parents in law celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday so I won’t make it. Have fun.

  13. David L – Juliane and I will meet and your hous 7.45 – see you 2moro… DJ

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