Positivo Espresso Volcanic Island Tours Presents… Hachijojima (no gas-mask required)

The next in the growing tradition of Positivo Espresso summer island tours is planned for the weekend of 5th, 6th July.

Plan A: Overnight ferry from Tokyo at 10:30pm on Friday 4th July; arriving 9:30am (offering remarkable views of the many Landmark Towers along the Japanese coast); return Sunday or Monday 5:25pm on NH830 arriving Haneda at 6:10pm; Ferry costs about 7,000 yen, flight about 10,000 yen (bike transportation needs to be considered…)

Inbetween… free camping (with own typhoon shelter) and sleep, eat, drink, ride your bike (not too much sleeping ‚tho!) – and we can add a little swimming, hiking, stretching etc.

I’m happy to make bookings if anyone wants to come – let me know soon.

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