Tagesarchiv: 22. Dezember 2008

Anyone cycling on the Emperor’s Birthday?

Gone will be the balmy, unseasonable temperatures of late but still tomorrow should be fine cycling weather! Anyone care for a little half-day ride? How about a visit to Aurore, Ome and further up to Yamabushi-toge and beyond?Hope the fresh bakery bait posted above is attractive enough to lure at least a few PE riders…already got Froggy I think…Nishibe-san looks like joining as well…

I was thinking of a get-together at Sekidobashi @ 8:00 and go as far as the top of Yamabushi-toge and then double back. This would make for a short half-day ride with plenty of time left to date the wife and/or do other little family service things.

UPDATE: TOMORROW’S BIRTHDAY RIDE CANCELLED DUE TO…very slippery road conditions…this is what weathernews has for tomorrow in the Okutama area..


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