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Doshimichi ride to Lake Yamanaka today…splendid !

Very little traffic, lots of sun, warm, dry road conditions everywhere … simply a perfect day on the bike it was. Too bad there was nobody I could share this with !

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Positivo Espresso Power Check

Since some month I have the idea of doing a check-up at the National Gymnasium in Yoyogi, perhaps I have spoken with one or the other about this one. It would be nice to do this check as a Positivo Espresso team at the start and at the end of the 2009 season to see how much we have improved. Or maybe not. This post is about the start check. Or maybe not.

There are three tests one can choose from. The most interesting one for us is testing the endurance capabilities, which is then done by either direct or indirect method. According to the website, as athletes we should take the direct testing method. It basically consists on riding on an ergometer and heart rates, power output, maximum oxygen capacity and anaerob max level are measured. I am not sure if I understood everything correctly from the website, so please also check yourself as well.

The cost is 1.650 Yen per person, but we must apply as a group one to two months in advance. So I thought about making a reservation for us on Thursday February 12th at 6 PM, after the end of the holiday season. The tests are only conducted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 5 an 9 PM, please have a look at the website for the schedule.

It would be good if you could let me know if you are interested, so I could handle the reservation. Immediate response is not required, but I would like to know by January 4th if possible.

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Old Year and New Year Rides


Just to help clarify, there are three upcoming Positivo Espresso rides proposed.

Tuesday 30th Dec 2008, Ludwig and mob are going to do a full day ride, starting time between 8 and 9 AM at Fuchu bridge on the Tamagawa. The destination is not decided yet, details will follow today.

Wednesday 31st Dec 2008, proposed by David with Tom and James keen to join. Details to follow in comments or as an update in this post.

Friday 2nd January 2009, Ekiden Ride, David, Michael, Ludwig and James so far. Details can be found below.

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