Doshimichi ride to Lake Yamanaka today…splendid !

Very little traffic, lots of sun, warm, dry road conditions everywhere … simply a perfect day on the bike it was. Too bad there was nobody I could share this with !

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7 Antworten zu “Doshimichi ride to Lake Yamanaka today…splendid !

  1. Simply fantastic photo, congratulations.

  2. TOM

    The view was breathtaking, almost surreal. See you & David (and Michael & Ludwig?) tomorrow around 8:20 @ the usual Sekidobashi RdV spot.

  3. mob

    Ludwig and me went riding out today, I will blog later about. Have fun tomorrow.

  4. TOM

    Too bad! Cycling every single day in winter in full winter attire isn't easy I find…For me, it is a washing machine & dryer problem. Having no drying machine in the house, I always need one rest-day in between my rides so my best outfit can be hanged out drying! Michael and I seem to be on different wash-cycles…

  5. Would have loved to join, but simply need a rest after today’s ride. Not that it was particularly hard, but I’m simply out of shape, having been away for two weeks and not ridden much before I left. I will see you all well recovered and hopefully strengthened for the Ekiden ride.

  6. Some suggestions regarding the laundry problem:- Buy more clothes (having just done quite some shopping in Germany, I now have several sets of everything)- Use underwear to save the outer garments for a second use – especially in winter this may work fine- Leave things to dry in a room heated by air-conditioning – most cyling wear dries really fast- Buy a new washing machine that has a dryer integrated. I recommend LG’s 8kg machine which is not only much cheaper than all Japanese washer-dryers, but also MUCH better. Still, I avoid using the dryer function because drying is never particularly healthy for textiles, especially anything other than cotton

  7. TOM

    Thank you MvH for the laundry tips! I take your word for it and will try to convince my wife to switch to that LG all-in-one type (Costco?) As to the cycling wear itself, I have accumulated so many pieces by now, it can take me one hour to finally settle on the right combination but sometimes one set is hanging out to dry can be enough to screw me up!

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