Saturday ride 6:15AM departure

Jerome’s family is away this weekend + my family back into school year weekend routines + hot weather with rain forecast for Saturday evening/Sunday morning =

A long ride starting early on Saturday.

We leave my house in Kaminoge at 6:15AM (Futakotamagawa 6:20AM), and could liaise with others upriver.

We want to go out at a reasonable (not too fast) pace, keep stops to a minimum, and get over some higher climbs — hopefully Otoge, Kamihikawa, Yanagisawa or something similar. I’ll do some map study tonight.

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4 Antworten zu “Saturday ride 6:15AM departure

  1. It's my Birthday that day so if the family fails to compete in regards to planned activities then Im up for this. As spending 2 hours on the rollers is like watching paint dry! Hang on thats exactly what I do on the rollers!

  2. Thanks for offering. I might join, though maybe not for the full day as the weather forecast doesn't look good.BTW, it is Kaminikka not Kamihikawa, as a taxi driver in Enzan educated me yesterday. And true, I have seen the correct pronounciation somewhere else before.What time would you hit the place where I come onto the Tamagawa (i.e. where the last stretch of gravel ends)?

  3. TOM

    Kaminikkawa-toge or Kamihikawa-togeかみにっかわとうげ/かみひかわとうげ both are just fine. With place names in this country there are often several pronounciations possible without official consensus. You are right about the weather Ludwig, guerrilla thunderstorms predicted (but most likely in urban areas). Might try Kamihikawa tomorrow depending on where my VLAAMS asaren is heading and the weather conditions of course.

  4. Nice plan David, but I cannot ride on Saturday. Something shorter on Sunday will have to fulfill me if the weather holds.

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