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Bike spotting

Is that a Trek Top Fuel WSD?

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Songs I would like to hear when riding

Perhaps because recently I have been bonking too much on climbs, I became pregnant with the idea to write a post about bicycle songs. You know, not this one, which is too obviously connected with the topic; but about the songs one is unintentionally hearing when riding.

Generally I don’t ride with an ipod or similar on the bike and listen to music while riding. I feel uncomfortable going with the flow of the traffic in the city and it is exactly the silence I am looking for when riding out in the mountains. And the music I love to hear at home, say for example Ludwig Guettler playing Bach isn’t exactly the music I would like to hear when, for example, trying to park a car in a reverse in a small space (as my friend Tobias used to put it perhaps 18 years ago).

But sometimes, in particular when riding up a steep slope, fragments of thoughts appear recurring in my head and sometimes they focus into a line from a song I have almost forgotten about. When I was riding up Koburi Toge on Monday for some reason I couldn’t get this one out of my head. These are not necessarily my favourite songs, although this one is.

So what song to you hear in your head?

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