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More Global Reach — Meet the Transalp Riders from Tokyo

I received my copy of the 2009 Transalp DVD in the mail yesterday, 8 weeks after it was sent surface mail from Germany, and was delighted to see that Jerome and my introduction of the „Positivo Espresso concept“ to the video crew at the starting area in Sonthofen made the final cut … the only English language attempt at humor in the entire 90 minute DVD.


I also found a few seconds of Jerome waiting in line at the „pasta party“ in Solden, but all the footage of riders was from a bit closer to the front of the pack. That said, it brings back memories. …

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Helmets on? Helmets off?

An interesting article on Spiegel Online about additional safety when wearing a helmet during riding.

The answers doesn’t seem so clear cut after reading the article. Especially if you don’t understand German but also otherwise. Interesting enough, there is a photo from Robbie McEwen with helmet in the article. And if I am not mistaken, he is wearing the Specialized helmet that failed US safety standard tests.

Personally I would like to add that it is hard to imagine to ride without helmet and I rarely do. I do however occasionally eat in front of convenience stores without wearing a helmet while listening to David Hasselhoff on my ipod.

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An unconvenient truth

I have been contacted by a good friend of the team and myself after he has seen the recent post on the Positivo Espresso blog about the ride that Jerome, Ludwig and myself did in the Odawara/Yamanakako area last week. One of the pictures in the report shows Jerome and Ludwig eating in front of a (properly approved) 7-Eleven close to the Yamanako lake.

I have been advised that eating in front of convenience stores is not regarded as good manners in Japan at all.

I have to confess that for the last seven to eleven years in Japan I haven’t known that such rule exists and I must confess that I have broken this particular rule ignorantly many times. So I would like to make my teammates aware of this fact in case they didn’t know yet: Shingo Mushi may be acceptable from time to time, but conbini mae shoku mushi (コンビニ前食無視) is not.

I am not exactly sure where the things purchased during a ride should be consumed. Details can be find here.

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