An unconvenient truth

I have been contacted by a good friend of the team and myself after he has seen the recent post on the Positivo Espresso blog about the ride that Jerome, Ludwig and myself did in the Odawara/Yamanakako area last week. One of the pictures in the report shows Jerome and Ludwig eating in front of a (properly approved) 7-Eleven close to the Yamanako lake.

I have been advised that eating in front of convenience stores is not regarded as good manners in Japan at all.

I have to confess that for the last seven to eleven years in Japan I haven’t known that such rule exists and I must confess that I have broken this particular rule ignorantly many times. So I would like to make my teammates aware of this fact in case they didn’t know yet: Shingo Mushi may be acceptable from time to time, but conbini mae shoku mushi (コンビニ前食無視) is not.

I am not exactly sure where the things purchased during a ride should be consumed. Details can be find here.

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4 Antworten zu “An unconvenient truth

  1. Hiroshi will need to educate a lot riders than us. This is not at all uncommon and actually where conversations with other cyclists usually start.I think a more reasonable campaign would be to educate those coming to a conbini by car not to let the engine running. It disturbs cyclists enjoying their well-deserved meals in front of the conbini and is not exactly kind to the environment.

  2. Dear Ludwig san,First of all,at the beginnig congratulation in Saiko!I was not able to meet you and was regrettable.The spectacle that the cyclist eats in front of the convinience store is often seen.A lot of Japanese people,thing to eat sitting down in front of convini..It is recognized the act with a bad manners that the young people does.Of course,idling stop is necessary manners.I'm looking forward to see you.Because you are first racer!!ciao ciaoHiroshi

  3. TOM

    Agree with Ludwig on this one. Conbinis often function as a good place for enountering new cycling buddies. I too see absolutely no harm in eating on the ground in front of a conbini BUT – and here Hiroshi has a good point – I consider it ill-mannered to do so in front of narrow-spaced, urban-area conbinis.Having said that, I really think these conbinis out in the countryside ought to place nice benches out in front. I bet such consideration would even boost their sales.

  4. Some do have benches. I like the Seven Eleven in Kaiyamato, for example. If only the adjacent ash tray wasn't so smelly…

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