Pinchers from Hell

The last weekend ride has been already covered very well on the blog, however I would like to add some photos and comments in addition nevertheless.First stop on top of Otarumi Toge. Tom making photos of the landscape, Ludwig of me. Thierry probably resting on his bike in the back and David and Jerome still to come.Ludwig in shiny neon claded, still alive at the shores of Yamanaka lake with stars in his eyes and basking in the glory of double championships.
I practiced the characteristic „David Millar movements“ with my bike at Yamanaka Lake in front of mount Fuji. In case I ever want to get rid of my bike, I will make sure to do it at this spot.Ludwig pulled underground by the pinchers of hell, disguised as monument to traffic safety. Tom is trying everything in his power to hold him back, but the weight of his sins (too many red lights crossed) is too heavy. Last time we saw him. If you meet somebody resembling Ludwig now, it will probably be Manfred.Then it got me. Could barely escape at the last moment to come home and tell my children about the terrible experience we made. As in case for the invisible octopuses living in the vault of the Sasago tunnel, they remained largely unimpressed by my stories of blood and gore.Oden heaven at the PE-approved Seven Eleven in MotoHakone. Oden to the people.


Here we can see improper eating behavior of two foreigners in front of a (PE approved) Seven Eleven in a semi-urban environment.And here we see proper behavior in comparison. Please note that Manfred is eating again a bowl of Oden which is neither proper nor improper. Both foreigners have moved away from the (PE approved) Seven Eleven in a less than semi-urban environment. The elevation of the eating place is significantly higher than the mighty Van Hai Pass (but irrelevant).

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