Sunday Feb 21st Classic Ride

I am thinking about doing the classic Ebisu – Tamagawa – Otarumi (Takao) – Tsukui North Lake – Tank Road -Onekan – Tamagawa – Ebisu ride this Sunday.

07:00 000 km Start Ebisu
07:30 010 km Meeting Point 1 : David House
08:00 020 km Meeting Point 2 : Tamagawaharabridge [Fumiki, James and me will join here]
09:15 048 km Rest Stop : Takao 7-Eleven
10:00 056 km Finish Climb HC Otarumi Time Trial
11:00 083 km Rest Stop 7-Eleven
12:00 103 km Split at Tamagawaharabashi
12:30 113 km Split at David House
13:00 123 km End at Ebisu

So 123 km loop from Ebisu, 103 km loop from Davids house and about 119 km loop from Yokohama roughly. 650m elevation up. Not sure about times before Tamagawaharabashi, I guess James, Michael and Dominic know much better how much time is required.

As this is the classic Sunday ride, I entered it at Mapmyride here.
Please let me know who is it interested to join.

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15 Antworten zu “Sunday Feb 21st Classic Ride

  1. Ebisu to Tamagawaharabashi is 45mins from memory (assuming this is the bridge that leads on to Onekan).

  2. See you all at Tamagawaharabashi!

  3. It is, indeed, the classic Sunday ride, with the HC Otarumi Pass only 100 meters lower than Vietnam's might Hai Van Pass, the peak of the ONLY one of the World's 10 great cycling routes located in Asia.I'll see the Ebisu and Kaminoge starters at 7:25-7:30 at my house. I'll try to have hot coffee available (no promises though) as Michael H. has requested. Let me know if you take milk.

  4. TOM

    Planning to join at the Takao 7/11 (no need for an extra RdV at Sekidobashi – will take the faster "Hino Bypass" approach). If I don't show up by 9:15, please continue without me. Looking forward to testing my new 11-28 Ultegra cassette…After Otarumi and depending on the weather, I'd like to add a few more moderate hills or some Doshimichi for a full day of cycling.

  5. To mlooking forward to riding with you at last, Hope you make it!

  6. TOM

    James, we have already ridden together once in the past; remember your very first mountain ride from Itsukaichi Station going up Kazuhari (with the TCC people)?I heard you have made huge progress since then, even capable of beating Ludwig in the mountains! I'll still be happy enough to take bronze though! See you on Sunday !PS: sundays are usually "recuperation rides" for me… 🙂

  7. mob

    We will be a big group on Sunday. So far:Michael, Dominic, Yair, James, Tom, David L and me(mob) plus Fumiki and perhaps some of his teammates from LANCERS. Watch out for Fumiki, he easily managed to hang on to Ludwig and me on our Arakawa tour and then showed me his back when riding up Katsura-zaka shortly before home after 170 km.Nevertheless, this is a Sunday classic slow ride, not a competitive one.

  8. TOM

    Hiroshi and Nishibe-san might join as well…this could be an impressive group indeed. What a pity we don't have bright-orange long-sleeve team jerseys…

  9. Hahahaha…. It seems that the P.E team were out in force today as while out on a ride with Tsukino we saw Tom about 5 minutes from the house and then Byron at Sagami Cycles which was a real suprise. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

  10. If there's room for one more I'd like to hop aboard the Positive train at Tamagawara bridge. My name is Shawn. I met Dave L a year or so back. Looking forward to seeing all the legends in person.Hasta mañana

  11. Actually with a bit of luck we may run in to Sergey and a few other TCC riders!

  12. Funny — I had the same route planned, but in reverse, and leaving Tamagawarabashi at 6:30. I imagine I'll cross paths with your posse tomorrow!Maybe I can talk my riding partner into altering our time and joining the PE gang if you don't mind the extra bodies — I'd love to ride with you!As for Sergey, I know he did a Takao ride today (Saturday). I'm not so sure he's doing another one tomorrow. If you're referring to his TCC post, that was for today.Deej

  13. TOM

    That was so heartwarming to run into this young father training his daughter…See you tomorrow James. (Hurt my left knee (fell off my bike) will probably have to climb Otarumi in slow mode.

  14. mob

    Everybody is welcome to join.Last Update for tomorrows ride:From Ebisu at 7:00 AMMichael, DominicFrom David's House at 7:30 AMDavidFrom Tamagawahara Bridge at 8:00 AMShawn, Yair, James, Fumiki plus teammates, Deej plus one?, mobFrom Takao 7-Eleven at 9:15 AMTom, Nishibe, HiroshiWow, what a group! Would it be possible to wear the Positivo Espresso team jersey above all other jackets etc.? Or beneath, and we take off the jackets for a photo? Whatever.Again, this is a recuperation ride. Tom did his work already today and Ludwig and me were out in the Izu area today as well.Think Positivo.But now, to bed.

  15. Hi,there!I go to tamagawarabashi with my two team mates;Ko-san,and Shio-san.But Ko-san have to get back ealy part of that.And I'm thinking go to KOBU tunnel or Wada touge after Otarumi.Take it easy for us.YOROSHIKUONEGAISHIMASU m(_ _)mFUMIKI

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