PE Half-day Otarumi Classic a.k.a. BARABARA JITENSHA JIKEN !!

Thanks everyone for joining this morning’s ride & thanks MOB for having organized/coordinated this !

Screwed up the self-timer…apologies!! MOB, hope yours turned out OK….
(„Framed version“ of this pic here)

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Eine Antwort zu “PE Half-day Otarumi Classic a.k.a. BARABARA JITENSHA JIKEN !!

  1. Thanks for the fun. It was good to see everyone. I am worried that with all of the strong riders we had along today, not to mention the much lower than average BMI and single digit body fat readings, someone might mistake Positivo Espresso for a really fast team.On the other hand, no one will every mistake us for an organized team. Our peleton riding was … somewhere between distinctive and non-existent. And with all the mid-ride arrivals, departures and wrong turns along the way, I would like to name this ride the: ばらばら自転車事件. We had bicycles/bicyclists flying all over the place. Very "bara bara" in Japanese.

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