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University of International Cyclology : Professor MOB

I have spoken briefly with some of you about the possibility earlier on, but it is now almost official that I will be appointed Professor of International Management at the University of International Economics and Logistics in May.

In Bremen, Germany that is which will have some very unpleasant activities, among them moving from Japan to Bremen in April this year. On the one hand I feel proud that I will become the first professor of the Positivo Espresso Team and I am excited about the forthcoming changes in our life. But this is very small hand indeed.

On the other, more bigger hand, I feel extremely sad about all the things cycling- and friend-related here that I will eventually miss in Germany. There are no mountains in and around Bremen and winters, cold springs and autumns are long and only interrupted by 15 days of summer in August every year. I also doubt that it will become member of such an amazingly unorganized and unorthodox team as Positivo Espresso is. All sad things indeed.

There are still about six weeks left in Japan and I hope I can utilize them to do some more good rides with the team. Thanks for everything.

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German Winter Cycling

A short visit to the North of Germany revealed the following characteristics about the German Winter Cycling Scene:

  • Lots of snow
  • Bicyles seems to have a minimum weight of 15kg (not including the obligatory 5kg chain lock)
  • So called „Holland Cycles“ are still plentiful
  • Road bikes still have downtube shifters
  • Colnagno and Pinarello are not even mentioned in German cycle magazines

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Cycling 1937

An interesting article about German cycling tours in Great Britain, 1937 from the German new magazine „Der Spiegel“ (in German only).

Similar article from Bike Radar in English (thanks, Dominic).

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